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About Big D®

Big D Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality odor control products located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company was founded in 1952 and started business selling an oil solvent aromatic wick deodorizer in 0.25 oz. to 4 oz. bottles. To this day, we still make our Big D® INDUSTRIAL DEODORANT, and that product has been recognized as one of the finest odor counteractants in the United States.


Since its original founding, Big D® has increased its product line from a single fragrance solvent wick deodorant to many other types of odor control products.

Big D® Manufacturing Plant and Corporate Office
Big D® Display Case

Big D Industries, Inc. markets its products on a worldwide basis, with sales in all 50 states and in Canada, South America, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. Big D®'s sales organization is represented by manufacturers rep groups.


Our home office and manufacturing facility are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are proud of our employees here, as well as our highly recognized manufacturers reps located throughout the United States and Canada. Big D® odor control products are found wherever fine janitorial supplies are sold.

Article from Billboard Magazine, November 29, 1952

Article from Billboard Magazine

November 29, 1952

Big D Deodorant advertisment, circa 1953

Big D Deodorant advertisement

circa 1953

Don Lees and Jidge Verity, 1977

Don Lees and Jidge Verity


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