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Customer Reviews
Big D®

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Big D® D-Vour

Five stars

By Kimiannie on December 14, 2016

This stuff is a life-saver. I work in a school, and we keep this on hand for those inevitable vomit episodes that don't quite make it to the bucket. Sprinkle on a bit of this powder, and the smell instantly disappears and everything gets absorbed. Sweep it up and throw it away - no problem! I no longer live in fear of flu season.

Have your cake but don't eat it!

By Rex Stetson on November 4, 2016

These are great for high traffic bathrooms - use them in our warehouse restrooms and they get a workout. Strong, clean odor. Get a few weeks out of them normally. Recommend.

Big D® Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block
Big D® Odor Control Fogger

Big D works - it removes the smokers odor!

By Amazon Customer on October 25, 2016

Big D does the job. One can removed the smoking smell from a double car garage. The smoking odor from cigarettes would choke a non smoker. I used a second can just to make sure that the odor would be gone. It's been a month and still no smoker odor. Great product, I fully recommend it.

Five stars.

By Cliff Golden on October 14, 2016

Works great. Saves us aerosol fragrance when areas not in use.

Big D® Light-Activated Aerosol Dispenser
Big D® Fire D® One Shot After Fire Odor Control

Big D After Fire One Shot works great!

By LCD on September 26, 2016

This product works great to remove smoke smells or musty smells. It has a bubblegum scent which is nice. We set off a few in a house that had a wood stove that I swear they must have run with the door open as there was a lot of soot everywhere and the After Fire One Shot removed the smell from all the rooms. I'd highly recommend it!

Big D® Fire D® One Shot After Fire Odor Control

Property Manager's Dream Product!

By Jennifer S. on June 12, 2016

I manage four apartment communities and have tried everything under the sun for smoke odor removal. For the price, this is hands down the best product I've found. The smell is kind of bubble gummy, but fades after a couple of days. I've used it to bomb entire units, as well as to do quick bursts of sprays in my own home (I'm an indoor smoker). The last unit I treated had a heavy smoker living in it for 4 years. I set off 3 bottles in different areas of a 1000 sq ft apartment. The smell has not come back! The new residents have been in the unit for 3 months and have not had a single complaint. I can't recommend this product enough.

Big D® Enzym D

Five stars

By Amazon Customer on May 28, 2016

Love this stuff. Makes every job I do a lot easier and makes my business look good.

Five stars.

By D. Berry on January 11, 2016

Absolutely great. I put one in the common area of our offices, and one in my office. I am ordering two more. Another for my office, each to squirt every hour, 30 minutes apart with two different fragrances. I like the idea of the aromas to alternate, should be an interesting experiment! These devices seem to keep perfect time.

Big D® Fully-Programmable Aerosol Dispenser

This product is amazing!!

By Allan J. Mejia on September 4, 2015

This product is amazing!!! I had a huge liquid spill that I just couldn't dry up. I told a friend of mine, who works as a janitor about it and he recommended and gave me a bottle just like this one. He told me to spread some on the carpet of my car and within minutes it absorbed the liquid and turned it into a gel-like consistency and was an easy clean. Now the inside of my car is totally dry after one use. I will definitely buy more of this in the future since it also helps in cleaning up after my dog whenever he has an accident in my house.

Big D® D-Vour

Five stars.

By Joyce Russell on August 17, 2015

They are great! The men's restrooms never smelt so good!

Big D® The Pearl 3D Urinal Screen
Big D® Odor Control Fogger

Effective on decomposition smells

By Jenni M. on July 10, 2015

I work in a field where I sometimes have to deal with the worst smell on the planet. Seriously, decomposing human remains is the nastiest smell in the world and that smell NEVER GOES AWAY. Ever. While this stuff does not completely eliminate the smell, I can guarantee you that it makes it so faint and barely there that this stuff can be considered to be the closest thing to complete odor removal. If it works on that smell, I am reasonably certain it will completely demolish any other stench you despise. Bonus, it has a fairly pleasant scent (then again, anything smells better than what I bought it to cover up).

Big D® Enzym D


By Severin on October 21, 2014

This cleaned up a lot of nasty cat smell that had soaked into a concrete basement flooring. Definitely recommend!!! The mint smell dies down after 24 hours or so and the air smelled clear. We used it in a house that we were selling and no one looking at the house could tell cats were even there.

Big D® Fire D® One Shot After Fire Odor Control

Great odor killer - many uses

By Ontime 2 on February 23, 2014

This product does a great job of masking or eliminating most types of odors. Others have said that it leaves a "bubble gum" type scent behind. I agree that it does, but it's not at all unpleasant and doesn't linger for more than a day or so. I had some of these on hand and happened to overcook and burn a bag of microwave popcorn. Most of us know what an awful smell that makes. I set one of these off in the kitchen and then left the house as directed. When I returned, there was no trace of the burnt popcorn smell, only a fresh scent remained. It also does a great job at eliminating cigarette odors. Being it sprays a fine mist, very little spray residue remains after using and it didn't damage my floors or furniture. These discharge in the same way as a roach fogger does. You remove the cap, taking care not to aim the valve at your face or eyes, turn the cap over and push it down firmly on the valve to start the spray, then quickly leave the area. In fact, I have used After Fire after using an insect fogger to get rid of the insecticide smell. I have found several uses for this product and recommend it. As always, be sure to read and follow the label directions and precautions before using.

Pheno D is wonderful.

By Maurice Degler on October 22, 2013

It's been used in a school environment during flu season and really did take care of killing all the germs.

Big D® Pheno D
Big D® Enzym D

Fantastic, it is great

By Amazon Customer on October 14, 2013

It does all that we expected it to do and more. The ability of this product to keep the nose hairs from being forcibly removed from the airways during the grease trap cleaning is amazing. The skunk is dead.

Big D® Concentrated Room Dedorant

Fresh scent

By Kwei Quartey on March 21, 2013

I really enjoy the fresh, slightly sharp fragrance of this product. It is very potent and can lend fragrance to several rooms.

Big D® D-Vour

Throw up in aisle 3

By Jeff Church on February 20, 2012

Cleaning up vomit is not a pleasant task no matter how you do it, but this product makes a big difference. You sprinkle it on top of the vomit, give it some time to work and it stops the odor, forms into a gel and helps in the clean up process. The product is little tiny beads so you want to try and get most of it on the target and not too much elsewhere. Found scraping it up with a piece of cardboard works well, then use a dust pan and brush to finish. Great for preschools and kindergartens. I have one in each class to use instantly. Stops the domino effect.

Big D® Fire D® One Shot After Fire Odor Control

Amazing results

By P. Johnson on April 2, 2011

I do Estate Sales. Recently I was contacted by a family to sell the contents of a deceased relative's estate. Everything in the home smelled of smoke. I felt as though I had been submerged into a giant ashtray when I entered. I knew that it would be really hard to get people to buy things from this house. I wouldn't be able to work there. We removed all the curtains, and other removable items that might retain the odor, and contacted a professional service to use an ozone machine to remedy our dilemma. We were pleasantly surprised. That lasted all of 2 days before the place smelled like smoke again. Then I learned about Fire D. We followed the directions, using cans throughout the house. Voila! The results were amazing and the cost was a mere fraction of what we paid the professional service. We had a successful sale, and people who knew what the place was like before I came along with Fire D were stunned with the results. I would recommend this to anyone who has odors to deal with, and isn't in a position to paint and replace carpet!

Big D® Odor Control Fogger

Good Product and Fresh Smell

By Roger on December 29, 2017

I am a Landlord of over 30 years. This is one of the best products I ever used. A tenant left a rental unit clean but there was a musty smell for some reason (carpets were cleaned, everything washed down, interior was just painted 6 months ago, no leaks, etc) so I tried this product and it worked great. Home smells fresh even after the application over 2 weeks ago!

Big D® Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block

The last urinal cake you will ever have to buy

By Joe on July 21, 2017

Used in urinals for staff as well as guests in the building which we host many large events up to 250 people. With an event each of the 4 weeks the cakes lasted an entire month of heavy use in the guest bathroom. In the staff bathroom, it has been 2 months and we still have half the cake left. The urinals used to smell if someone never flushed it when last used, no smell anymore. The cake scent is not bad a all, but that scent only lasts two weeks. It still deodorizes beyond that however. I also didn't realize how much gum people spit into the urinal until we got these. At least it is extremely good at stopping debris from doing down the drain. These are really amazing at an amazing price compared to others.

Big D® Water Soluble Deodorant

Great for laundry odors

By DGB on November 4, 2016

Excellent for laundry and general cleaning. Gets rid of even tough odors. Big D also has an odor fogger that works excellent.

Big D® Enzym D

4 PAWS UP! From a dog sitting business owner.

By Cristine on October 5, 2016

I run a dog sitting service out of my 3 story town home here in Upper Darby, PA (All Star Paws Day Camp). For the last year we've had so much urine and feces on all three levels of the house, our bed, furniture, pretty much everywhere, but mostly our entryway. Our foyer is getting a hardwood upgrade so I researched how to completely remove the smell of urine out of concrete floors. The recommendation was to use a serious cleaner like TSP (trisodium phosphate) - then an enzyme cleaner. Researched online again for a good enzyme that wasn't advertised like an infomercial and came across Big D. I poured this stuff all over the floor which is concrete covered with really ugly linoleum. The smell of it is really pleasing believe it or not (maybe it's the pumpkin candle lemon deodorizer combo). The biggest test for me will be our couches. If this stuff can eliminate the horrible piss smell out of our 1 year old microfiber couch I will gladly volunteer to be an unpaid spokeswoman.

Big D® Odor Control Fogger

Awesome product

By Teresa K Moffitt on June 5, 2016

I am a property manager. We had a home that had a horrible pet smell even after paint and new flooring. We set off 2 of these bombs and the smell is gone.

Big D® Fire D® One Shot After Fire Odor Control

It is very strong smelling, but can kill a dead animal odor.

By L Willis on April 5, 2016

I found out about this product when we had a dead critter removed from a kitchen vent hood. The service that did the critter removal used this and the stink left immediately. The smell is very strong and you will have to open windows, but it works better than Febreze or any other deodorizer that we have ever tried.

Big D® Non-Para Urinal Toss Block

Five stars.

By Rowdy Rhino on September 16, 2015

I know this is crazy... But I purchased to keep the mice out of my truck and tractor. I place them in an old cleaned up tuna can or the like then in my truck and tractor. My parents use them in their RV. I first heard about this when talking to an old rancher. And the make the best air freshener for the truck too.

Big D® Industrial Deodorant

Very happy I found the product

By Patti Cunningham on September 5, 2015

Very happy I found the product. As a small child, we always had a few bottles around the house....I'm 73, gives you an the smell...

Big D® Odor Control Fogger

It works!

By Chris on August 22, 2015

We used this to eliminate cigarette smoke odor in a garage. It took a few treatments, but it worked! After leaving the fogger in the enclosed area overnight the scent is fresh and the air is clean, not overwhelming. We recommend it and will purchase it again for regular use in our basement, garage and even for day to day cooking odors.

Big D® Industrial Deodorant

Five stars

By JACK W HOOD on June 8, 2015

I have been using this product since 1977.

Five stars.

By mjs9955 on December 24, 2014

Love my mango!

Big D® Concentrated Room Dedorant
Big D® Enzym D

Great for cat odor and mold.

By Monty Favre on December 1, 2014

I used it on rental property. I don't allow cats, but had an eviction, where cats were left to roam the entire house. After removing the carpet, I sprayed the exposed concrete floor with Enzyme D twice and sealed with a shellac sealer. I also sprayed it on tile in the kitchen and vinyl bathroom floors. At another place, I used it to remove mold odor from a water leak. It works great.

Big D® Concentrated Room Dedorant

Metered room spray

By Jacque E. Manion on May 20, 2014

I have used Big D sprays for years and they do an excellent job. Nice fragrance, lasts about 1 month per can. Highly recommend.

Big D® Fully-Programmable Aerosol Dispenser

Only a few fully progammable models on the market...

By Chuck Smith on May 12, 2014

We have been using the typical 24/7 dispensers for years and it hit me that 80% of the aerosol product was being wasted. We are only open to the public 35 hours a week. Based on a timed spray every 15 minutes that's about 140 sprays each week that happen during business hours. BUT, with the previous non-programmable dispenser, we were spraying an additional 532 times when the building was empty - which meant 4 out of every 5 sprays were being wasted!!! This "Big D 767" is great - the programming is actually more flexible than the described in the product descriptions. I have ours set to spray at 15 minute intervals only from 9:45am to 5:00pm, Tuesday thru Saturday.

Big D® Pheno D

Best on the market

By Linda Jones on December 24, 2013

I take care of Bio Hazard waste in the facility in which I work and I trust this product to kill everything. It also smells good.

Big D® Concentrated Room Dedorant

Freshness that lasts!

By patriciabrown-dever on November 25, 2013

Best room deodorant for keeping a freshness throughout your home or office! The continuous flow of these remarkable fragrances keeps your areas fresh everyday.

Kind to the senses

By Yeux Lumineux on April 13, 2013

I have a puppy who's the best roommate I've ever had, but she sometimes gets a little "ripe" in between bathings. Since I started using the resh linen room deodorant the unwanted odors have been masked and the clean "just washed laundry" scent has been well received by everyone who visits my home. Do yourself a favor and try it...your nose will be so glad you did!

Big D® Concentrated Room Dedorant
Big D® Dumpster D+C

Only product that keeps flies out of a dumpster

By Vonroper on February 4, 2013

I run a seafood restaurant and this is a must for keeping the fly population down and maintaining a pleasant odor. Make sure you put some in right when they empty the dumpster and then sprinkle on top when it gets a little stinky. Good product.

Big D® Odor Control Fogger

Odor killer deluxe!

By John O. Cummins on June 30, 2011

We can't say enough good things about this odor-killing product. Anywhere you have a stubborn smell that has saturated interiors, this fogger will get rid of it in no time. My wife has tried numerous name-brand products in the car, laundry, and in rooms of our home. Nothing comes close to the fresh scent and lasting ability of this spray. Anyone who comes in our house or rides in our car comments on the great smell - it's all because of Big D! No matter what the horrific smell, this fogger can handle it. We even spray it into our central air intake occasionally to fragrance the entire house all at once.

Big D® Odor Control Fogger

So good, back to buy more!!!

By D. on February 24, 2010

This product Really works. I had a rat die between my walls in my bedroom and the smell was, as you can imagine, the worst smell I had ever experienced. I was sleeping in my son's room for about 1 week. I went online to find a product to rid the smell. I came across a review that said this product really works. I was skeptical. I used 2 cans in my small room because I thought 1 can couldn't possibly get rid of the STENCH. To my surprise, this product worked and the smell was gone within 24 hours. I was able to sleep in my room after 2 days of use. You will need to air out the room a little. I'm back to buy more now because of how the smell lingers for weeks. I want to now use throughout my whole house. This product is amazing!!!!!!!!

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